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The purpose of this short booklet is to discuss the Islamic Calendar, and Inshā’Allāh highlight some important facts behind its origins.

In this edition the following has been added.

•Information on special acts of worship on specific days in the Islamic year

•Acts of worship which can be carried out regularly on a monthly and weekly basis

•An Islamic Year planner highlighting special days and the white days

Please take some time and go through the booklet. At the beginning of each Islamic month, check to see if there are any special acts that can be carried out and incorporate them into our worship.

Also look at the historical events which occurred in that month and familiarise yourselves with the Sīrah of Rasūlullāh ﷺ and our pious predecessors.

We should all make the intention to learn about the Islamic Calendar and teach our children as well. The more aspects of Islām we incorporate into our daily lives, the more significant the years, months and days will become as well as the events which took place on them or take place every year.

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